Juneau, Alaska
Montana Creek Road
Early 80's

1982 or 1983. Witness claims he and 3-4 other friends were in his early 70's Trans Am. Driving down a dirt road called Montana Creek Road, around 11 o'clock at night. It was a typical rainy evening and they were driving to a recreational cabin called "Skater's Cabin." The witness says out of the woods walked a giant, hairy upright walking apeman. An oncoming car was approching when it walked out in front of him and continued across the road and into the woods. Witness says the sasquatch crossed with both cars on-coming. Both cars slowed down, but neither stopped. Once passing each other, neither acknowledged the other driver. (I would have stopped and talked to the other driver!)

When asked to describe it he says it was very tall, easily 8 feet, and covered in dark hair. But since it was nightime, and it quickly walked into the woods, he couldnt give much detail.

I never got to interview our hear from the other witnesses.

Interesting note* Montana Creek Road has a history of strange happenings. I remember being told that there were "Wild Men" living back there. In the 70's, I used to think they were talking about homeless hippies.