Below you will find samples of RobRoy's pencil drawings. High quality copies are available for sale in either photo gloss finish or matte finish. Some are for viewing purposes only and not for sale. Copies may vary in size and are done on a per-order basis. Large format prints are also available upon request. For a commisioned piece, from a photograph or from scratch, expect to pay a minimum of $700 for the original depending on size and complexity. RobRoy must view the photograph provided before agreeing to start any drawing. ( Blurry photographs will not work.) All work to be done must be paid half up front, and the rest due upon completion.
Egg eaters
Led Zeppelin


Hubcap portrait of the artist
Jimmy Page Portrait
Rainier Dane Dickey
Old English street scene


Malcom Menzies Portrait
Joe Conolly Portrait
Old native face


Teddy the troll
Rocket bike
Silly wizard