Below are some short stories RobRoy Menzies illustrated for Chris Murphy's upcoming new book "Sasquatch Chronicles" These are based on true stories, and felt a great way to present the illustrated world of Sasquatch. Color copies of my drawings are available upon request. Click on each drawing and view a larger image with print size and price.
‘Dirty Looking’ Ape-man Terrifies Woman on Lonely Highway, North Bonneville, Washington, August 1970 Source: John Green. Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. Hancock House Publishers, 1981, pp.16-17.
Illustrations for Christopher L. Murphy's book "Sasquatch Chronicles"


Mrs. Louise Baxter of Skamania, Washington will not soon forget her 10:00 p.m. drive along the Lewis and Clark Highway last night. She heard a noise that she thought might be a flat tire, and pulled off the road to have a look. The tires appeared to be fine, so she looked to see if something was stuck under a fender. While doing this, she got a strange feeling–as though she was being watched. Straightening up, she saw an enormous shaggy creature, 10–12 feet tall, staring at her from the woods.
It was coconut brown and “dirty looking.” It had one of its huge fists up to a partially open mouth that held a row of large square white teeth. The head was very large and seemed set directly onto its shoulders. Long hair on its head concealed its ears. It had a jutted chin, a wide nose with big nostrils, and a receding forehead. There was less hair on its face than the rest of its body. Most remarkable were its eyes. They were amber and seemed to glow like an animal’s do when car lights catch them.

It seemed to be eating something and to be content to simply stand there. Mrs. Baxter screamed, but does not know if she made any sound because she was so terrified. All she can remember was driving away and seeing the creature still standing there.

TEENAGE BOYS OPEN FIRE ON STRANGE ANIMAL IN LOCAL WOODS Lumby, British Columbia, July 1973 SOURCE: Sasquatch Bigfoot, The Continuing Mystery,' by Thomas Steenburg, Hancock House Publishers, 1999. Illustrations for Christopher L. Murphy's book "Sasquatch Chronicles"


Three Lumby area youths recently went into the woods in an area near here with the unofficial name, "Hunters Range." The boys were carrying a single 22-caliber rifle with the intent of hunting small animals. What they encountered, however, will haunt their memories for many years to come. Pete Nab, aged 13, the leader of the group was carrying the rifle while the other two kept an eye out for squirrels, rabbits, or birds, which they would than shoot to earn their right of passage into manhood and keep the world safe from these dangerous creatures.

At about 4 p.m., with a path behind them of bloody little critter corpses that would never threaten mankind again, they spotted a creature which none of the three had seen before. There, standing just outside the tree line beside a pile of dead fall logs, stood a 9-foot tall ape-like creature right out their nightmares. The boys froze and stared at the thing for a few moments - they had stumbled onto a legendary sasquatch.
Then the unarmed “hunters” started yelling at Pete to shoot it. After a few moments hesitation, Pete raised his rifle and fired 4 rounds into the middle of the creature’s chest. The only reaction from the target was to raise its right arm to grab hold of the log pile, and at the same time make a swatting motion with its left hand, as though hitting a bug.
Pete was the only one of the three to see this reaction for by this time his two fearless companions had left. Pete turned to see them almost out of sight heading back in the direction they came. The creature, in the meantime, seemed to be pondering what these little stings it was feeling were all about, rubbing with its hand the point of bullet impact. Pete decided at this point to rejoin his companions at a quick pace. He looked back only once just in time to see the creature turn around and walk into the trees, no worse for wear by all appearances.
Below you will find samples of RobRoy's Bigfoot art. Full color copies are available on photo gloss or matte paper. RobRoy's Bigfoot art has been used on nationally syndicated televison shows, displayed at the Vancouver Museum Sasquatch exhibit, The University of Texas, San Antonio sasquatch exhibit, book illustrations as well as various Bigfoot websites. RobRoy has worked closely with actual eyewitnesses to get as accurate of a portrayal as possible.. If you have had a close encounter with a bigfoot, RobRoy can use his talents to draw what you witnessed under your own direction, much like police sketch aritist. Although RobRoy has never witnessed one, he is extremley interested in the subject, and loves to hear eyewitness acounts.
Patty frame 352 still frame face render
Patty body render
The road crosser
The Fisherman
All fours
The Albert Oastman abduction
My own version of the recently discovered Homo Florensiasis or "Hobbit"
From an eyewitness from Alaska. Notice the different nose.
Drawn from an eyewitness in Montana
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